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Fanfiction Addiction - The Journal of an Obsessive Fangirl

Warning: May Contain Excessive Squeeage

Waitress, graduate and over-sensitive Brit

Hi, I am WesLess, as in without Wes, bereft of Wes, incomplete. He's not mine, and he should be.

Farscape was my first hook, and John/Aeryn remains my OTP. I've never written for the fandom, but I've read some beautiful stories that I don't think I could ever touch on. I wouldn't describe myself as a particularly girly girl, and romance generally squicks me. There are not many overly sappy J/A stories that I can read comfortably. Having said that, their relationship, as it is in my head and as fueled by the gorgeous fanart I've seen, melts me every time. I think I'm guilty of taking it way beyond what we see on the screen. I love it in all its tragic and confused glory. And anyone who's seen Ben Browder's arms will know where I'm coming from on the mmm scale. I love Pilot, and Chiana is pretty nifty too.

Angel: the Series has now almost completely taken over my brain. It got me started with writing fanfic and I've never managed to break away. This has been going on for some years now, and I think I must be in love with Wesley. He is my OTC.

I am a completely, unashamedly, totally obsessive hurt/comfort slut. Schmoop, schmangst, squeeable fluff - I love the stuff. I can't get enough of it, and if it involves Angel and Wesley, I usually find I can't breathe at some point during the reading. It sends me crazy, though I'm not sure why. It's my kink.

Bizarrely, I usually find I'm unable to write much of it myself, and enjoy reading it by others much more instead. I also believe that there just isn't enough gen fic out there. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good bit of smut and UST as much as the next fangirl, but sometimes I just crave the platonic stuff. Cranks up my squee to ultrasonic levels.

Thus, a warning. If you write lengthy, Wesley-centric, gen h/c, I will stalk you. Thank you.

I also like dark fic, and who doesn't love healthy doses of angst? Wes is the perfect character as he tends to fill at least one of these categories most of the time. That and dark!Wesley's hot, of course. Snarky Cordelia, dork Angel and early Wesley also make me smile - give me some S1 trio angst! I'm a Faith, Illyria and non-love-interset Gunn fan. I don't like Fred, Connor, Eve, Buffy or saint!Cordelia/sappy!Angel. Sorry.

I tend to write mostly Wesley-centric gen fic (and am proud), but I am slowly branching out. I have a favourites list and a C2 community full of fic recs at fanfiction.net, as well as some seperate ones in my profile there.

WesLess' Fanfiction dot Net Profile


Various stories of mine are also housed at the following links, good places to go if you're still looking for fic.

wesleyfanfiction.net The Buffy Fiction Archive The Dark Awards Versaphile's Recs

Some of my userpics have been created by me using screen captures from either Screencap Paradise or Dusk til Dawn:

Screencap Paradise Dusk Til Dawn

I have to admit to being slightly addicted to userpic creation, so if you like a particular image of mine, take away. They're all shareable. And I confess, despite claiming to be a Wes lover, my icons have become rather Cordy and Disney-tastic of late. Eh, sue me.

And if you want to friend me, go ahead, no need to ask. I'm friendly and always love to meet new people. Introduce yourself or lurk, whatever you're comfortable with. I tend to enjoy friending others out of the blue, so if I've done it to you, it means I've enjoyed reading your journal posts and I want more. Don't feel obligated to friend back, but do take it as a complement. I don't mean to be rude.

Since it's only interests that are supposed to be listed here, I thought I'd go against the grain and tell you some of my un-interests.

1) Mushrooms are evil. They're not even plants, for goodness sake.
2) I don't get football.
3) Period pain is wrong. It serves no purpose.
4) Sudoku = *yawn*
5) Don't put your babies near me. If they're smelly and screamy with their little sticky fingers and I go 'ahh, no thanks', it means I'm faintly repulsed.
6) Who invented alarm clocks? Seriously, dude.
7) Jogging. WHY?
8) Animal rights activists, particularly extremists, make me ANGRY.
9) Damp hands and dry cloth/paper/flour leads to much squealing. *shudders*
10) Elijah Wood needs a smack.
11) Daddy-long-legs (leatherjackets) like me.
12) My eyelash curlers hate me.
13) Harry Potter just doesn't do anything for me. I can't understand the appeal. Sorry.
14) Hypocrits, chauvinists, those with superiority complexes and judgemental types infuriate me beyond what is healthy and normal. Please drop off the face of the planet.
15) Spiders shouldn't run, and invertebrates in general are icky.
16) I don't do mornings.
17) I hate it when my windscreen fogs up. Why is it that I can't seem to operate the air flow controls with any success?
18) Someone please kill Charlotte Church, or at least shove a leek in her gob.
19) Maths panics me.
20) I find sports, cars, trains, aeroplanes, stamp collections and chick-flicks boooring.
21) Marmite substitutes???!!! We do not speak of this.
22) If I could get away with not shaving my legs, I wouldn't bother.
23) The mere thought of talking on on the phone makes me hyp-er-vent-il-ate...
24) I don't like the sea. Not swimming in it, not being on a boat, not paddling in murky water.
25) Builder: "Smile, luv! Might not eva 'appen!" Me: *sub-machine gun*

That is all.

If you want to unfriend me now, I'll understand. I know I'm a freak.

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